Why Are We Here ?

29594975_10156278336518205_8846413813706875712_nOneg Shabbat is here to offer a channel for unrealized Jewish intellectual and spiritual curiosity in North East Los Angeles. We are a religious non-profit working towards offering a variety of classes, lectures, community events and ritual.

Our goal is to make Jewish culture and religion approachable without sacrificing depth. We are the place where you can ask questions, express an interest for intellectually stimulating material, and explore the robust tapestry of Jewish life together with us.

We treasure the idea that everyone has something to teach as well as a desire to learn. Would you like to offer a class? Run a workshop? Do a reading of your favorite author or present an art piece? Want to study Kabbalah at 2am or have a Bat Mitzvah with goat yoga? Ever thought about converting but wish there was a class in your mother tongue? Or is there a class you would like to take that does not currently exist? We would like to help you make it happen.

We also like to partner with other organizations and incubate new non-profits.

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Oneg Shabbat is named in honor of the original group that met in the Warsaw Ghetto. More information about them can be found HERE.